Embracing Social Media

There is really no way to avoid social media anymore in the real estate industry. Heck... Why would you want too?
Top agents are always evolving and finding new ways to learn more about social media and they are starting to embrace it.
It's a commitment for sure... But like anything, once you get into the routine of doing it you'll see the results! You will see how it engages your clients and prospective clients. 
You have to be consistent with it. Do it every week or several times a week. You want to stay "Top of Mind". Also, don't be afraid to let your personality and sense of humour shine! Don't be BORING! 
In time, I promise you this will pay off by allowing yourself to get "out there" in front of potential clients and it will show them how dedicated you are and it demonstrates that you work on your business daily by making the effort to stay current in such a competitive market and industry. 
All that being said, Put yourself out there. Create that Facebook account, sign up for Instagram and get that LinkedIN profile done! Start following people and they will follow you. Before you know it, you will be getting "likes" and people sharing your posts!