Fall Decorating Ideas

I love this time of year and I LOVE decorating for it! 
Here are a few simple and cost effective ways to decorate your home on a budget and enjoy the cozy feel of fall decor in your home.
Did you know you can find fillable glass lamps? It’s a fun way to add a little seasonal decor. 
I also love decorating with books all year round. You really can’t beat them for the fall and winter decor! Combine them with pumpkins, artichokes, pine cones or other organic elements for a fun combination. 
What could be cozier than a stack of throw blankets folded or rolled on a shelf in different patterns?  Drape a blanket or favourite fall fabric over the arm of a sofa, over the back, or even on the seat to change up the look! 
Try using wood accessories. Wood will warm up any room and looks amazing in the kitchen. Bowls filled with fall fruit and platters resting against a backsplash are always a cozy touch. Finally bring in the lanterns and candles! Flickering candles (can be battery operated to be set on a timer ) help set a cozy warm mood. 

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