Buyer & Seller Checklist 

Think with your head and not your heart... 

Do your research -- Get yourself educated & informed about the buying process, before it begins, to save time, headaches and money.

Shop Around --  Never be tempted to hire the first real estate professional you meet. Make sure you "click" and be sure to always check their references and visit the RECO website to confirm their registration.

Understand  What You Are Signing -- Here comes my point about getting yourself educated on the process. Before signing a buyer representation agreement, be sure you know what it means, how long it will be in effect and what all the different clauses mean. Ask lots of questions and seek legal advice if you’d like a second opinion.

Protect Yourself -- Again... Here is another educational tip from yours truly... Make your offer conditional on financing (COF),  home inspection (HI), the sale of your existing home, (SOPP) and whatever else is important to you. These conditions are set in place to provide you important protection as a buyer.

I am here to help you in this process every step of the way.