Back To The Grind - 2019!

After all the the champagne bottles have been popped, the presents all unwrapped, and the Open House of family & friends has finally come to a halt,  it’s time to trade in the shopping bags for your briefcase and get back to the grindstone and into your old routine. 
Even if your are fortunate enough to have just a few days off during the Holidays, coming back to the office can be tough. The pile of work awaits, the holiday cheeriness is gone, No days off in sight... it’s enough to make you beg for just one more night of eggnog and overplayed Christmas carols!
Before you take drastic measures, consider the following tips for a smooth return to the office. With the right attitude and some planning, you’ll be out of your post-holiday slump in no time.

Schedule a Short Week (if possible) 
If you are one of the lucky ones, schedule your first day back for midweek. If you make arrangements to use a vacation day or two, you’ll have a shortened week—the perfect pace to ease yourself back into office life. SIMPLE! 

Come Back Refreshed
Of course, you’d much rather continue to indulge in Christmas cookies, but instead of dwelling on the fact that the Holidays are over, focus on reaping the benefits from your time off. A full night’s sleep, a break from the fast-paced stress of the office, not to mention a mental and physical break from your desk—these are all things that should help you feel refreshed and ready to focus on the new year.

Arrive With Time to Spare (When possible)
Depending on your career, on the morning of your return, plan to arrive 35 mins to an hour before your co-workers do. I know—setting your alarm earlier than usual is not how you anticipated ending your time away.  But after a few days off, you’re bound to have a mountain of voicemails and emails waiting, and you’ll accomplish much more if you can sort through them without the distraction of your co-workers’ holiday photos. 
Wishing all my readers a Happy, Healthy & Successful 2019!   Stay tuned for next weeks Blog.