How To Keep Your Home Warm and Save Money!

1. Use Your Curtains

Heat from the sun is Free! Open the Curtains and let the sunlight in during the day. When it gets dark, shut the curtains to keep the heat in. They will act as another layer of insulation.

2. Move Your Sofa

Sure it may feel great to have your sofa or favourite chair over the vent or close to a radiator.  By moving them away the hot air can circulate freely. This will help to get the most productivity from your heat source.

3. Maximize Your Insulation

When it comes to heating your home, approximately 25% is lost through the roof. This can be easily reduced by installing 25cm of insulation throughout your attic. It might also be worth having your walls inspected. Almost 1/3 of the heat in an insulated home is lost this way. 

Hopefully you are staying warm in the cold blast we are having and you find these tips useful in your home.