SELLERS'S GUIDE: How To Prepare Your Home For Sale.

Getting a property ready to list on the market is not always an easy task. If your property is in need of maintenance and updating,  it could take some time before you have the world critiquing every picture and walking through your pride and joy!
Here are some tips to help you get your place into top form and ready for the world to see! 

No matter how amazing and move in ready you think your home is, someone else will find issues with the smallest thing. Savvy buyer's will point out and question things like how old is that? Has it been maintained often? You will have to provide your agent with solid answers. Better yet, service records/documentation are a perfect way to settle a buyer's mind. 
Smart buyer's do not want approximates or guessing. Items such as Furnace/AC, Water systems, Shingles are all on the top of a potential buyer's list.

The next step may seem a bit odd, but it's always a great idea to do a "WALK-THROUGH" your own home.  Look for any signs of damage or wear that could potentially lower the value and take note of it. 
-Things such as water damage or rot  around the windows, frames, doors etc. Condensation can cause damage to these areas.
-Water stains on the ceilings or around windows can indicate a leaks.
- Check for leaks around toilets and sinks
-Flooring bulges and staining should also be addressed. 
-Uneven Foundation or cracks should be examined incase of a more serious issue.

Make sure each room is functional. Any cracking on the walls, broken tiles, cabinet hardware or anything that isn't working properly should be repaired.  A lot of seller's tend to skip the outside. The exterior is just as important as the interior, if not more so since it's where any buyer will make their first impression. 

The decision to invest in renovations can vary. Not EVERYTHING needs to be done before you sell. However, certain fixes will raise the value of your home and improve your odds against the competition. 

Once you have done everything to your own ability you may now want to bring in a professional to take a look and give their opinion. It's always a good idea to have a pro's eyes take a close look before you list your home incase they spot any flaws you may have missed. Even your Licensed Real Estate Agent will be able to help you with this part. 

Relax, Take a Deep Breath. Preparing your home 3-6 months in advance of selling will make the entire process go much more smoothly and will be less stressful for everyone.