SELLER'S GUIDE - Time To Put Your Realtor To Work For You

Now that you have prepared your home to list, it's time to call your Realtor. 

At this point your Realtor will set up a time to meet with you to go over all of the necessary listing paperwork and sign it with you. 
He or she will set up a time for a photo shoot. Once the photo's are back and the house is active on the MLS system, the "FOR SALE" can be placed on the front lawn. 
Your agent will likely want to host an open house the first or second week the house has been listed on the market. It's very important during this time to keep your property clean and tidy. If you have pets, take them with you out of the house during every showing. 
Your Real Estate Agent will communicate with you on a regular basis to inform you of any showings and feedback the Buyer's agent may give. 
When an offer comes through your Realtor will meet with you and go over all of the details in the Buyer's offer.  At this point you will make a decision on whether you find the offer acceptable and you can sign back at an amount that you are comfortable with and your agent will communicate with the Buyer's Agent.